Ferries future-proofed with power management retrofit

Transport company Stadtwerke Konstanz replaces obsolete power management system with a new yet familiar system

DM 4 upgrade1

Being one of the largest transport companies at the Lake Constance (known as Bodensee in German) in Germany, Stadtwerke Konstanz GmbH is dependent on having a top-tuned fleet to transport the many passengers that every year visit the region to explore the beautiful surroundings. 

During a service visit at the ferry Tabor, DEIF’s project engineer Simon H. Pedersen talked with the crew about upgrading the onboard power management system as it had the discontinued Delomatic 3 system installed. “Stadtwerke Konstanz transport millions of passengers every year and continuing with the old system would be risky as we no longer would be able to provide them support and spare parts for the system”, Simon explains. 

Stadtwerke Konstanz is a public utility company at the Lake Constance and offers a wide range of local services such as electricity, natural gas and bus and ferry transport. Stadtwerke Konstanz operates 30 passenger ships and 8 car ferries transporting millions of passengers and vehicles yearly. 

Obsolete power management system replaced

Sometime after Simon’s visit, Stadtwerke experienced some issues onboard Tabor, and it was decided that Solution Manager Per Ole Sørensen should pay a visit. During the visit, he made a pre-inspection that formed the basis for a quote on an upgrade from a Delomatic 3 to a Delomatic 4 power management system. 

Stadtwerke Konstanz accepted the offer and decided to upgrade the PMS onboard the two ferries, Kreuzlingen and Tabor. Based on the pre-inspection, DEIF’s engineers made a solution comprising a complete Delomatic 4 power management system controlling four diesel generators, one harbor generator and two AGI 415 touch screens from which the captain can control and monitor the power management system. Simon and the team made all necessary calculations, made wiring diagrams and updated the documentation. 

Modernizes ferries with Delomatic-4 

Future-proof, new system—yet familiar

The new system was installed during planned maintenance. To avoid causing inconvenience to the passengers in the form of rescheduled timetables, the two ferries were retrofitted one at a time. 

Simon and his colleague support engineer Jens Martin Roslev went to Germany to replace the existing system with the Delomatic 4 system. Jens Martin and Simon de-installed the Delomatic-3 system, installed the new hardware and introduced the crew to the new system and touch screens onboard Tabor. The Delomatic 4 system fitted the space in the existing switchboard. The system is also based on the same philosophy and therefore required a minimum of re-wiring, and the existing protocol for the alarm and monitoring system was adjusted to match. 

Modernizes ferries with Delomatic-4 1
A large effort was made to make similar settings as on the previous system, to make the crew feel confident about operating the system. The touch screens make it much easier to get an overview of the power management system and to operate the system.

After a couple of weeks, Simon and Jens Martin once again went to Germany to perform the same procedure on the second ferry, M/F Kreuzlingen. The retrofit was completed, and the crew was instructed in using the new system and the touch screens. The two ferries are now ready again to transport passengers and cars across Lake Constance for many years to come.

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