»Easy to install. Easy to operate. Full touch screen overview. In simple terms: Perfect.«

Anders Efraimsson, Chief Engineer, Stena Line

Four predefined modes cover the entire route

Modular & intuitive

Operating the ferry route between Frederikshavn, Denmark, and Göteborg, Sweden, M/F Stena Gothica's power management system was fully upgraded in just three weeks with DEIF's new and modular PPM 300 power management solution.

For ease of operation, the installed solution offers four standard modes that cover the entire route. Auto for standard sailing, secure for near-coast sailing, harbor for harbor operation and shore for seamless shore-to-ship supply.

Fitted with DEIF's AGI touch screen, the delivered solution also improves overview and control for the crew.

"Our crew can easily control the four gensets onboard using the intuitive PPM 300 menus and the four standard operation modes. It doesn't get much simpler than that".

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