»DEIF's insulation monitoring package supports our strategy to deliver safe, reliable & energy-efficient pump solutions that minimize the environmental footprint«

Palle Grankvist, Automation Manager, DESMI

Avoiding disturbances to class-approved equipment

Green & safe pumping

Specializing in the development and installation of efficient and safe pump solutions for the global marine industry, DESMI is constantly looking to optimize their product and solutions portfolio.

Frequency converters are often applied in pump installations to increase their efficiency, slashing both fuel consumption and CO 2 emissions. An unfortunate side effect is that frequency converters can create disturbances in other class-approved equipment onboard vessels.

Designed specifically for installations with frequency converters generating AC voltage down to 5 Hz, DEIF’s SIM-Q LF (Low Frequency) counters that issue, and it has now become the preferred choice when DESMI markets pump solutions in the marine industry.


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