A new standard in bridge indication

Wind measuring solutions for any marine application

The new XDi-N comes with a preinstalled standard wind indicator library containing a selection of virtual wind indicators to choose from. Available in three different physical sizes, the wind indicator series works perfectly with wind sensors providing standard NMEA. The XDi-N wind indicators are also able to support analog wind sensor input. Simply combine your wind sensor with one or more of the XDi-N wind indicators to form the exact wind measuring system you need. 

  • XDi 96 N is the perfect choice when panel space is limited. Despite the small size, the bright color display provides a surprisingly good viewing distance.
  • XDi 144 N can be used in the control panels or in the overhead consoles.
  • XDi 192 N is perfect for overhead panels, where the large color display offers long distance viability.

Optimized panel space—customized display designs

The increased complexity of modern ships has made panel space a limited resource. Benefit from the modular design of the XDi series to obtain an outstanding bridge design while reducing the need for panel space. Or have your own fully customized library created—containing virtual indicators with a unique graphical design perfectly matching other indicators or displays in your product line (for instance propulsion indicators).This makes it possible to offer a uniform bridge design to shipyards and shipowners.

Built for navigation system integration

Developed with system integration in mind, the XDi-N series comes with flexible NMEA interface and two CAN ports, supporting CANopen with the unique XDi-net plug and play layered on top. Using a modular interface extension concept, extension modules can be added to indicators. 

In plain terms, this is yet another game-changing solution from DEIF.