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Flex your current transformer

Need current transformers that don’t require a lot of installation space?

DEIF’s new FCT flexible current transformers have been specifically designed to fit where space is limited. Installed in less than five minutes they are an ideal accessory to DEIF’s MIC-2 MKII FCT and MIC-2 MKII FCT DIN multi instruments. Check them out – they might be just what you’re looking for in your retrofit project or SEMS solution.

A recent release, the FCT’s come in three different variants:

  • FCT1200 – measuring range 5A to 1200A and window size 106mm
  • FCT3000 – measuring range 12.5A to 3000A and window size 178mm
  • FCT6000 – measuring range 25A to 6000A and window size 271mm

They’ll fit into any configuration too. Panels, wire bundles or busbars where regular solid core CT or split core CT cannot be used.

Go to the FCT product page for full details and technical documentation.