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Get up to date on the latest technologies that help deliver optimised hybrid microgrid/PV power when and where you need it. SIGN UP NOW!

Want to see what the future has in store for you?

Sign up for one of DEIF’s hybrid microgrid power webinars on 27 June 2018 from 9AM or 3PM CET and spend 1 hour getting up to speed on everything there is to know about hybrid microgrid power control solutions.

For years, DEIF has worked to develop energy-efficient solutions and products that reduce the consumption of fossil fuel as well as costly maintenance intervals. Our power management solutions are capable of handling hybrid stations combining, for instance, solar and diesel power. Most recently, we’ve even added weather forecasting capabilities to our long list of offered functionalities.

At this webinar, we’ll start out by defining buzzwords like microgrid, greenfield/brownfield, integrated vs. stand-alone hybrid and solar production forecasting. We’ll then move on to technical stuff like regulating different power sources, ensuring minimum genset loads, spinning reserve principles, various interfacing options and much, much more.

Watch the webinar here.

Webinar agenda:

  • Defining microgrids & hybrid 
  • Greenfields & brownfields
  • Energy storage principles
  • Sky cameras for solar production forecasting
  • Interfacing options
  • Application examples & cases

Peer-to-peer webinars

DEIF frequently offers webinars for a wide range of industry peers. 
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If you’d like to know what’s behind buzzwords like ‘microgrid’, ‘greenfield/brownfield’, ‘solar forecasting’, and ‘spinning reserve’, you’re in for a treat with this webinar. Sign up and experience the meaning behind DEIF’s brand promise: POWER EFFICIENCY.

Allan Schmidt, Solution Manager, DEIF A/S

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