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6 to 8 March 2018

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Stand no.: S2F30 Dubai World Trade Centre - United Arab Emirates

Returning to yet another Middle East Electricity exhibition, DEIF welcomes you on stand S2F30 from 6 to 8 March 2018 at the Dubai World Trade Centre in the United Arab Emirates.

At the show, we’ll reveal how you can improve your power efficiency using our innovative, remotely monitored and environmentally friendly control technology. Our retrofitting and new build solutions are ideal for hybrid microgrids, IPP plants, rental sites and mission-critical facilities such as data centres, hospitals and telecommunications. 

Altogether, we call it: POWER EFFICIENCY.

On show this year

Remote monitoring: Supervise your equipment remotely

Predict mishaps and react instantly to reduce downtime and costs! Designed, developed and tested in the field, DEIF Insight is the Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT) extension of our products. The responsive remote monitoring service uses advanced and secure cloud data management and gives access to data from all your units. This helps you locally or globally to improve power management and solve problems within minutes. DEIF Insight works on smartphones, tablets and laptops. 

Drop by our stand to learn more!

Hybrid microgrids: Solar production forecasting for optimised plant operation

Hybrid power management with preconfigured HMIs capable of reading the sky! DEIF’s power management solutions are capable of handling hybrid stations combining for instance solar and diesel power. They’re all based on the scalable, flexible and modular ASC Automatic Sustainable Controller which supports multiple operating modes including Off-grid, Grid-tied, and Combination (Off-grid/Grid-tied) and interfaces to a wide range of sustainable power sources, including PV inverters, battery inverters and wind turbines. The ASC-4 also supports short-term weather forecasting systems. This will optimise your output while reducing maintenance costs.

In addition, as an alternative to the traditional transducers which can result in added cost and lengthy installation, an updated version is now fully compatible with Modbus-based power metres. If you don’t need full power management functionality, we’ve also added a simplified version. Preconfigured HMI software for improved application overview is available too.

Read more about DEIF’s hybrid microgrid solutions

Critical power: Protect your assets from power blackouts 

Did you know that the average cost of a data centre outage has steadily increased from $505,502 in 2010 to $740,357 today? That’s an increase of 38%! Outages have many causes, some of which are very hard to avoid. A surprise to many, however, the root cause of a stunning 22 % of all unplanned outages is human error. Human error today is the second-largest single cause of error, only surpassed by UPS system failures.

Drop by to learn how DEIF counters this with fully automatic and redundant critical power management and how our new ALC can help you manage the loads when you reach the generation limit without using the PLCs. 

Read more about critical power

IPP: No match in power capacity and scope

Revolutionary power management of temporary power plants! A fully automated solution, DEIF’s IPP Plant Management continuously analyses gensets, transformers and fuel supply information to react on fuel density and overheating for instance, making output more reliable, guaranteeing uninterrupted performance and saving manpower costs.

An environmentally friendly alternative that provides 100% automatic control from diesel to grid, DEIF’s award-winning Plant Management solution for independent power producers secures stable and automatic plant management, control and protection of mega IPP projects of up to 992 gensets. Need we say more?

Read more about IPP 

Rental: Control at the push of a button

Come learn how you can avoid losing time when shifting from one application to another! DEIF controllers are plug & play solutions that eliminate the need for wiring and the need to change controllers when changing applications: it’s all done and dusted with the push of a button. With password protection and locks, installation is so safe and simple you can trust your driver to setup your rental equipment.

Read more about Rental 

Looking forward to hopefully seeing you DEIF’s stand S2F30, don’t hesitate to contact us for further information or to book a meeting at, or see our detailed product presentations and technical documentation.


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