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Press release, June 2015

Product improvement specifically related to “older” DEIF A/S ML-2 products
Due to the high quality and thus long lifetime of DEIF’s products, the total number of “older” DEIF units in the field has increased over the years. Through DEIF’s continued focus on customer feedback, product quality and product performance - also on our “older” products - we have identified a potential improvement specifically related to our AGC-2, AGC-3, AGC-4, BGC-2 and MDR-2 controller units.

The updated software will enable your unit to perform an “internal self-check” by means of monitoring the “health status” of various hardware/software functions. Detected internal problems will trigger an alarm, based on which DEIF’s service department should be contacted.

In addition, DEIF is currently developing a software tool to handle configuration files, which will enable you to easily upload and store the files for later re-configuration of units after service, unintentional operator changes etc. The tool will be available later.

As always, we recommend that you install our offered improvements to fully utilize your DEIF product.

All improved software can be downloaded at your convenience and free of charge at under “Software”.

Should you have any questions or experience problems finding the relevant software for your product, please feel free to call DEIF A/S at +45 96149614 or your relevant local DEIF office. Alternatively, we are always ready to assist you, if you send an email to