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Developed for mounting directly in the panel front, the AOP is separately connected to the standard display via cable and has been developed specifically for end users, who prefer lamp indications instead of display text messages.

The AOP makes it possible to optimize the panel perfectly for the exact application, displaying only information relevant to the operator.

In designing the AOP, customer-configuration was a direct goal on all functionality levels, and all LEDs and push-buttons can be configured separately during commissioning in close cooperation with the end-user.

All LEDs can be configured for both alarm and function indication via the PC software. The LED color is also configurable (green, red or yellow):

  • Red could be used for alarm indication 
  • Green could be used for “OK” indication
  • Yellow could be used for status of different sequences

The push-buttons are also fully configurable and can be used for a multitude of functional purposes.

  • 16 configurable LEDs
  • 3 color LEDs
  • 8 configurable push-buttons
  • PC software configuration

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