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Easy to operate and configure, DEIF’s Generator protection unit (GPU-3) is an ideal controller for PLC-based power management systems.

The GPU-3 offers comprehensive generator protection and synchronization. Serial communication enables easy interfacing with PLCs, SCADA systems and more, and the unit features all necessary 3-phase measuring circuits and displays all values and alarms on a quality LCD screen.

Turning the GPU-3 into an engine control unit featuring start/stop and protection functionalities, the optional engine interface card also has a separate power supply and an independent microprocessor. In cases of GPU- 3 processor break-downs, the engine interface card will enter into backup mode and ensure uninterrupted engine supervision. In cases of shutdown alarms, the engine shuts down automatically, making it a reliable solution for control and supervision of gensets.

With free software download and upgrade at, it is possible to customize the application to suit your needs exactly: dedicate specific functions or logic conditions to different inputs and outputs and tune all sequences according to your requirements.

  • Generator/busbar protection
  • Synchronization
  • Multiple display units and operator panels possible
  • Engine protection with backup on shut-down channels
  • Engine control and communication


Commissioning Guidelines
Language Documents Revision
Flag zho 通用调试指南_4189340819_中文.pdf C
Description of Options
Language Documents Revision
Flag eng Option A1 mains protection package 4189340684E UK.pdf E
Flag deu Option A1 Netzschutzpaket 4189340544G DE.pdf G
Flag eng Option A4 Loss of mains protection package 4189340691B UK.pdf B
Flag eng Option A5 directional over-current protection 4189340692B UK.pdf B
Flag deu Option C2 Generator add-on protection package 4189340693 DE.pdf G
Flag spa Option C2 Generator add-on protection package 4189340693G ES.pdf G
Flag eng Option C2 Generator add-on protection package 4189340693G UK.pdf H
Flag deu Option D1 voltage, var, cos phi control 4189340694 DE.pdf G
Flag spa Option D1 Voltage, var, cos phi control 4189340694G ES.pdf G
Flag eng Option D1 voltage, var, cos phi control 4189340694H UK.pdf H
Flag eng Option E and F analogue controller, transducer outputs 4189340681D UK.pdf D
Flag deu Option E und F Analoge Regler- und Messumformerausg 4189340538 DE.pdf D
Flag eng Option H2 and H9 Modbus communication 4189340442 UK.pdf Y
Flag eng Option H3 Serial communication Profibus DP 4189340443 UK.pdf H
Flag spa Option H3 Serial communication Profibus DP 4189340637 ES.pdf C
Flag eng Option H5 H7 H12 and H13 MTU MDEC ADEC J1939 CANbus engine interface 4189340674O UK.pdf O
Flag eng Option H6 Cummins GCS communication 4189340698 UK.pdf E
Flag eng Option H8 and H12 external IO modules 4189340675G UK.pdf G
Flag deu Option M12 EA-Erweiterungskarten, 13 Binäreing, 4 Relaisausg 4189340539D DE.pdf D
Flag eng Option M12 IO extension card 13 dig inputs, 4 relay outputs 4189340699A UK.pdf A
Flag deu Option M13 EA-Erweiterungskarten, 7 Binäreing 4189340540D DE.pdf D
Flag eng Option M13 IO extension card 7 dig inputs 4189340700A UK.pdf A
Flag eng Option M14 IO extension card 4 relay outputs 4189340682C UK.pdf C
Flag deu Option M15 EA-Erweiterungskarten, 4x 4-20 mA Eing 4189340542D DE.pdf D
Flag eng Option M15 IO extension card 4 analogue inputs 4189340683D UK.pdf D
Flag eng Option M4 engine control and protection 4189340585I UK.pdf I
Flag eng Option N Ethernet IP 4189340801 UK.pdf B
Flag eng Option N Modbus TCP IP 4189340701 UK.pdf F
Flag deu Option N Modbus TCP IP 4189340725 DE.pdf E
Flag deu Option X Additional display and operator panel 4189340546H DE.pdf H
Flag eng Option X Additional display and operator panel 4189340702E UK.pdf E
Flag zho 选项_A4_市电失电保护功能包_4189340691_(中文).pdf B
Flag zho 选项_A5_方向过电流_-_电流保护_4189340758_中文.pdf B
Flag zho 选项_C2_发电机扩展保护功能包_4189340693_(中文).pdf G
Flag zho 选项_D1_电压、无功、功率因数控制_4189340694_中文.pdf F
Flag zho 选项_E_和_F_模拟量输出_4189340829_中文.pdf A
Flag zho 选项_H2_和_H9_Modbus_通讯_4189340870_中文.pdf C
Flag zho 选项_H3_Profibus_DP_通讯_4189340857_中文.pdf B
Flag zho 选项_H5,_H7,_H12和_H13_MTU_MDEC,_ADEC,_J1939_CANbus_发动机通讯_4189340864_中文.pdf D
Flag zho 选项_H8,_H12_外部扩展IO模块_4189340859_中文.pdf C
Flag zho 选项_M12_IO_扩展卡_13个开关量输入,_4个继电器输出_4189341134_中文.pdf A
Flag zho 选项_M13_IO扩展卡7个开关量输入_4189341135_中文.pdf A
Flag zho 选项_M14_IO扩展卡_4个继电器输出_4189341136_中文.pdf A
Flag zho 选项_M15_IO扩展卡_4个模拟量输入_4189340852_中文.pdf A
Flag zho 选项_M4_发动机控制与保护_4189340871_中文.pdf D
Quick Start Guide
Language Documents Revision
Flag eng ML-2 Quick start guide 4189340603 UK.pdf C

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