TDU 107

Touch Display Unit TDU

TDU 107 is a preprogrammed touch screen display for DEIF’s AGC-4 controllers.

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TDU 107 Front TDU 107 Core Extended TDU 107 Core Extended2 TDU 107 Angle Core TDU 107 Angle Extended

TDU 107 is a preprogrammed touch screen solution for connection to DEIF’s AGC-4 controllers.

The display provides user-friendly touch screen control, visualizations and graphical overviews that are easily readable even at sharp angles.

Combines both an HMI display and 6 AOP (Additional Operator Panel) on one device. Easy to use icon driven HMI providing fast access and configurable instrument pages.

Provides Tier 4 final support.

The TDU 107 is available in two versions:

TDU 107 Core

  • Operating temperature 0ºC to 50ºC
  • 1 Ethernet port for connection to the controller

TDU 107 Extended

  • Operating temperature -20ºC to 60º C
  • True glass front
  • Robust aluminum housing
  • 2 bridged Ethernet ports for connection to the controller
  • Remote access (via VNC connection)

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AGC-4 and TDU 107

TDU 107 - a preprogrammed touch display for AGC-4 controllers