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DEIF’s utility software v.3 (USW-3) is a unique tool for engineers, service personnel and end-users to configure and supervise one or several interconnected genset controllers, available for free download from our website.

Easy to install, the general purpose software works off the-shelf using Ethernet or USB cable communication to configure, commission and supervise both single gensets and plants of up to 256 units.  

The utility tool is compatible with a range of DEIF controllers; it adjusts easily to the capabilities of the connected devices and has been designed with versatility in view.

M-Logic allows complex logic customization with configuration and evaluation of up to 40 logic expressions, including for instance configuration of user level access, and features innovative pre-installation configuration and emulation of plant design. 

Incorporating extensive functionalities including overviews of alarms, coolant temperatures, plant values, and fuel consumption, the USW-3 is also an intuitive, easy-to-use tool for end-users to operate on a day-today basis.

  • Graphical tool for plant single line diagram
  • Set controller parameters and configure advanced logic
  • Configure controller I/O and external I/O equipment
  • Translation of controller display texts
  • AOP push-button configuration
  • Controller firmware upgrade
  • Security and access configuration
  • Save/restore the entire plant setup to files
  • User platform for emulation solutions
  • Visualize dynamic plant and individual genset behavior
  • Display of all engine data
  • Display of all electrical data
  • Monitor the dynamic behavior of measurements
  • Display of fuel consumption and power production
  • Emulate various external events
  • Alarm monitoring
  • Localized to English, Russian and Chinese
  • Connects over USB, RS-485 or TCP/IP to controllers

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