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Two years of field testing in the North Sea and Norway’s polar region has proven DEIF’s new WSS 700 series of ruggedized wind sensors’ reliability in providing superior wind measuring performance in all weather conditions.

Robust construction and high measuring accuracy make this sensor series the right choice for applications where precise and reliable wind data is essential to safe operation.

The WSS 700 series is also highly recommended for use in dynamic positioning systems and other critical applications. The WSS 700 series has all relevant major class approvals.

Upgrade now!

If you currently use DEIF’s WSS or 879.3c dynamic wind sensor and would like to upgrade to the WSS 700 series, please take a look at the user manual to learn more about our sensor upgrade kit.

This kit contains the static WSS sensor, a WSI interface box and manual to facilitate smooth conversion. The upgrade kit enables you to re-use the cable running from sensor to display unit.


WSS 700

  • Without heating

WSS 750

  • With heating
  • Well-suited for dynamic positioning systems
  • All stainless steel construction
  • High power ultrasonic transducers in an equal-sided triangle constellation
  • No moving parts; no wear
  • Wind speed up to 65 m/s (120 Knot)
  • Speed accuracy better than 3 % (min. +/-0.2 m/s)
  • Direction accuracy better than +/- 2°
  • NMEA protocol
  • IP66 and IP67 full waterproof
  • Automatic power and gain control—automatic
  • signal strength increase in case of rain or snow

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