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N-options firmware

This software applies to the following DEIF products:

You’re about to download 2.41.0

The main changes implemented since the last version are as follows:

        - Dropbear (SSH server) updated from version 47 to version 74
        - Ethernet/IP object 6E + 6F updated
- SSH key generation changed to single thread to avoid requirement for double boot after enabling SSH server


Ver. Date Description



        - Dropbear (SSH server) updated from version 47 to version 74
        - Ethernet/IP object 6E + 6F updated
- SSH key generation changed to single thread to avoid requirement for double boot after enabling SSH server





  • Some modbus registers were updated slowly and some not at all. Now all registers are updated as fast as they used to.



New features:

  • Added support for adjustable log sizes (DM4-Marine Only)
  • Added new data logger which can log from configurable Modbus area to flash (AGC 4 only)
  • Added new LVRT logger which can save LVRT data to flash (AGC 4 only)
  • Added support for NTP time synchronization including time zones and daylight saving
  • Added support for SSL/StartTLS protocols for SMS/Email service (now you can use services like gmail and hotmail for email transmission)


  • Improved stability on all N-option features
  • Fixed several problems stopping the Modbus server (you would have to restart the unit to recover)
  • Improved startup process (a power cycle during startup could overwrite flash and  stop Modbus TCP/IP, Ethernet IP, SMS/mails service)
  • Improved stability when downloading new application software to controller via TCP
  • Ethernet/IP is now disabled by default. (you can enable it via N-Option tool)



New features:

  • Support of webarm hardware with new flash’s mounted. No changes to user interface.
  • New USW released v3.39.0 to support firmware download of webarm hardware with new flash.



New features:

  • Ip address, gateway address and netmask can be set either via the H8 modbus interface or by the Display Unit.
  • Flashing of the (H8) application code is possible over tcp/ip


  • Issue regarding incorrect alarm and event info is fixed.
  • Issue regarding missing reboot of webarm module when downloaded firmware to H8 is fixed.



  • Ethernet/IP has been implemented.



  • New renamed image which enable download into target.




  • Modbus server accept modbus id's between 0-255



New features:

  • Support for AGC-3.3x Application software



  • Support for AGC-3.3x.x Application software

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Press release, June 2015

Information on product improvement specifically related to “older” DEIF A/S ML-2 products.