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Offshore support vessels

Complete system solutions for full DP-2 power management control

DEIF is a market leader in offshore applications for diesel electrical drives and switchboards designed for dynamic positioning operation.

We specialize in optimizing electrical power management systems to make applications more efficient. Our reliable and fuel-optimized solutions are class-approved for DP-2 operation, even with a closed bus tie breaker, just as our dynamic load sharing deviation protection and fast thruster load reduction are state-of-the-art. Working with our dedicated project department for system solutions, you will soon experience how DEIF is more than a partner. Our know-how, experience and expertise guarantee advanced application solutions—quality-tested beyond marine standards.

DEIF has recently optimized our hardware modules for onshore- and offshore production platforms with filters to be able to operate with frequency converters without influencing the measuring values.

Cost saving

  • Documented reduction in fuel consumption (up to 30 %)
  • DP-2 approved operation with closed bus tie
  • Reduced running hours (reduced maintenance cost)
  • Complete product program

Advanced blackout prevention

  • Fast load reduction to thrusters
  • Fast dynamic load share deviation protection
  • Loss of sense protection for AVR
  • DG I>> trip of bus tie


  • Documented reliability through FMEA tests
  • Built-in harmonic filter
  • In-house type test for highest quality standards
  • Best-in-class delivery times to support uptime 

Marine Application Guide

The marine & offshore application guide offers a complete overview of everything from solutions and services to product overviews.

Marine Offshore Application Guide

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