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Done with the push of a button

We know how vital it is that gensets can be moved fast from one site to the next, including the ability to run them in different types of applications without losing time on the setup.

DEIF controllers are plug & play solutions that eliminate the need for wiring and the need to change controllers when changing applications: it’s all done and dusted with the push of a button. With password protection and locks, installation is so safe and simple you can trust your driver to setup your rental equipment.

DEIF is one of the world’s biggest suppliers of control systems on the rental genset market with DEIF standards applied widely across almost all major rental companies.

Our dominant market position and the wide use of DEIF’s reliable solutions means that rental companies and third party users often benefit from a flexible and compatible global fleet of gensets, allowing for rapid projecting and commissioning of projects worldwide.


Looking for software, documentation, whitepapers or webinars?

A unique trademark of DEIF for decades, we offer complimentary unrestricted access to software updates, technically detailed product documentation along with educational and inspirational whitepapers and webinars on industry-relevant topics of today and tomorrow.

Land power application guide

The land power application guide offers a complete overview of everything from solutions and services to product overviews.

Land power application guide

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