AGC 150 Hybrid (UK)

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Are you interested in integrating renewables in small and medium-sized diesel projects? 
Sign up for our one-hour webinar with hybrid expert Jacob Danielsen and learn more about the possibilities you get from DEIF’s new AGC 150 Hybrid controller. The controller is an efficient and low-cost way to integrate solar PV with gensets and fits perfect for PV rooftop, Mains and Genset installations.  


  • Introduction to the AGC 150 Hybrid variant functions
    • How to make a PV and DG control setup that boosts green and stable energy
    • Full Hybrid vs Solar control function
  • Learn for which applications the AGC 150 Hybrid controller can be used
    • Microgrid application types PV + DG + Mains
    • System size and complexity
    • Supported inverters 
  • Ordering and support details