Gain access to your ENERCON turbines

Get the most out of your ENERCON turbine with DEIF’s easy upgrade solution that guarantees you:

  • Maximum performance
  • Improved availability
  • Increased annual energy production (AEP)
  • Full data access
  • No OEM constraints and rigid service agreements
  • Reduced spare part costs

Are you interested in knowing how much you can gain from upgrading your ENERCON turbines? With our calculator, you can estimate your business case and return on investment.

Reduce spare part costs

Upgrading your ENERCON turbines not only improves turbine productivity, but it also opens for you integrating spare parts and component from alternative suppliers, ensuring you competitive prices and the possibility to choose optional partners.

Full access to data

Many owners of ENERCON turbines do not feel they own their turbines as they have limited or no access to turbine data. In our opinion, that is wrong, and therefore DEIF’s solution gives you full access to all turbine parameters, alarms, and data and the management tools provide you easy-to-read reports that help you pinpoint issues that prevent the turbine from performing optimally.

Independent service

Free yourself from OEM constraints and rigid service agreements. DEIF’s controller upgrade enables you to use your service team and/or independent service providers (ISPs) plus you can plan service when it is favourable for you. Having a fast, reliable and upgraded controller solution and committed service partners reduce down-time and improves turbine availability.

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