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The compact genset controller (CGC 200) is a cost-competitive but high-quality controller range for standby applications.

The microprocessor-based control units have been created to meet the requirements of the OEM industry and feature manual or auto start, protection and control of engines and gensets.

The CGC modules monitor engine speed, frequency, voltage, and engine running hours, as well as warning and shutdown status of the engine or genset.

The controller is a highly versatile product with both fixed and flexible user-configurable inputs and outputs, enabling users to adapt the unit for a wide range of applications.

  • Auto start and breaker control
  • Engine parameter monitoring
  • Warning or shutdown protections
  • 5 Digital Inputs and 5 Outputs
  • Configurable for other applications
  • Configurable with DEIF Utility Software, USW-3
  • Readings: engine speed, frequency, voltage, engine running hours

DEIF's Compact Genset Controller (CGC)

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