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To ensure stable and reliable operation of a wind turbine, the power supply is critical. Most standard industry power supplies are not designed to cope with the real-life operation demands of a wind turbine—operation temperature span, mechanical robustness, tolerance towards ESD, etc. That is why DEIF Wind Power Technology has designed a series of rugged DC supplies to support the second-to-none reliability of our control systems.

The power supplies feature compact and lightweight switchmode design and at the same time—similar to conventional transformer designs—they have no moving parts as they have been designed for convection cooling, thus no maintenance-demanding fan is required.

The series of power supplies is designed for an operation temperature range of -40°C to +70°C, supporting reliable start-up and operation regardless where in the world the wind turbine is operating. 

  • Switch mode power technology
  • Temperature range -40°C to +70°C
  • Both AC and DC input
  • DC Input 180-480 VDC
  • 24V DC—5/10 A output
  • DC OK monitoring


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